The Spear’s 500 Top Recommended – Enness Private Office

Enness Private Office is the ultra-discreet and specialised private services division of Enness Private Clients, which has become a fully established boutique mortgage brokerage itself, catering to Enness’ highest net worth (HNW) clients with international property finance requirements.

This year, it was the turn of Enness Private Office to be featured in the Spear’s 500; the definitive guide to the top private client advisors for HNWs in Europe. Described as ‘unrivalled million-pound mortgage experts’, the editors praised Enness Private Office’s ‘precision, efficiency and expertise in getting the most complex, challenging or specialist client successfully banked and financed’.

Founders Islay Robinson and Hugh Wade-Jones were also recognised in the Spear’s 500 in their own right, where they were described as ‘outstanding in their field’ for their market-leading positions in the world of specialist and high net worth property financing.

The unique success of Enness Private Office was attributed by the editors to Islay and Hugh’s innovative and client-focused approach to broking, making it ‘adept at navigating difficult and complex areas of the London, Monaco and Cote D’Azur property finance markets’ and for ‘understanding their quirks, nuances and peculiarities’.

Enness has been at the top of the game ever since our launch in the high net worth space over a decade ago, (on the very same day as Northern Rock fell, coincidentally). From then on we have gained one of the most extensive contact lists in the industry, with Enness Private Office catering to every aspect of a client’s mortgage as a result, from tax and structuring to insurance.

Enness Private Office’s reputation for succeeding where other brokers have failed was also applauded by the editors, due to its capability in providing ‘absolute clarity in regard to the right property finance solution’ with a team of trusted specialists to get to the heart of every client’s circumstances.

Now with over a decade’s worth of experience advising high net worth clients, a lender panel of over 200 across the globe and a wealth of professional connections, Enness Private Office has elevated the Enness Group service to new heights – and this is just the start.

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