How to invest in the UK property market

This week I will be speaking at the UK property investment webinar about why the UK is currently a worthwhile investment, and there are a number key factors which are important to touch on;

As well as the pound remaining weak against most other major currencies, including the dollar and the euro, a stagnant London market means there are opportunities for buyers who are willing to take a longer-term view of capital growth.

However, the key thing to discuss is historically low mortgage rates.

Mitigate increased costs of becoming a buy to let landlord by locking in a low rate

In many respects becoming a landlord has become more expensive over the last year, with the Bank of England (BoE) looking likely to raise the base rate imminently, now is the time to maximise on the record low rates on offer from lenders.  It’s also very worthwhile fixing for a longer period of time – for example, five or 10 years – in order to lock favourable rates in.

High appetite from banks to lend

As well as offering low rates, we’re also seeing private banks being more competitive when it comes to asset under management (AUM) requirements. We recently wrote about a particular private bank reducing its AUM requirements to 20% – from the typical 50%. We’re even seeing some banks offer ‘dry lending’, where no AUM is required on day one.

These changes are excellent news for clients looking to borrow over £1million, but who wish to retain control over their liquidity.

Further to the above points, I will also be discussing buy-to-let opportunities considering recent changes, and opportunities to secure higher loan to values (LTVs). If you would like to get involved in the webinar at 12pm on 31st October, please sign up at:

I look forward to joining you on the 31st.

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