Home House Estates are Expanding… To Notting Hill!

I spoke to the Branch Manager of the forthcoming office about the importance of experience and how a new player can succeed in taking such a prominent site in a well established area…

Rarely does a new player take such a prominent site in one of west London’s most hotly contested areas – our office at 173 Westbourne Grove opens in July and goes to show our ambition of becoming the agent of choice in W11 and its environs.  Having strived to achieve the best possible results in the neighbourhood for most of the last decade, I am hugely excited about bringing my energy and enthusiasm back to Notting Hill under the banner of Home House Estates.

Whatever an agent’s brand and the promise behind it, applicants ultimately buy from people, and with property transactions experience counts: whether it’s the ability to read between the lines of a surveyor’s report, to provide practical advice on legal questions as they come up, or even to spot minor issues before they become insurmountable problems, credibility can mean the difference between exchange and completion, and a fall through and re-marketing. Who knows how many sales fail needlessly each year due to a collapse of confidence in the agent and the deal.

I always say that an offer remains an offer until exchange of contracts – under the law in England and Wales anything can happen up to that point, and frequently does. Nevertheless most hiccups can be worked through as long as the emotion is taken out of the process – after all once a deal has been agreed and is in solicitors’ hands there is a seller who wants to sell and a buyer who wants to buy, the two essential elements for a successful outcome. Negotiation seldom ceases once heads of terms have been sent out: keeping all parties focused on the ultimate goal brings about the desired result, whatever threatens to derail the process before contracts are exchanged.

A 100 year old brand is great for marketing, but it’s the experience of present day agents that is key. I look forward to welcoming clients old and new to our branch and continuing to be of service.

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