5 of the best Expat mortgage products

Many of our clients are expats who have moved away from the UK, but who wish to retain a foothold in the UK property market. This may be in the form of a buy-to-let investment property, somewhere for a family to live, or just a place they can come to whenever they’re visiting home. Whatever the reasons, we understand the nuances of expat mortgages.

For non-UK residents, which expats are, securing a mortgage can come with some obstacles, so it’s important for borrowers to understand what will be required of them throughout the process. (Visit our non UK resident mortgage products here.)

As an expat, your country of residence, income structure and worldwide assets will all be considered to determine the most appropriate lender for you. As will what the property is being used for whilst you’re overseas.

Many lenders prefer the property to be used as a buy-to-let, as this provides them with some UK-based income to show affordability. However, there are a good number of lenders who will overlook this, and be willing to accept foreign currency income and overall wealth as proof.

We’ve put together 5 of our favourite mortgage products for expats looking to secure property in the UK. Whether it’s residential or BTL, there’s something for everyone.


Best Owner-Occupier Product

Rate: 1.64% 2 year fixed

LTV: 80%

Max Loan: £1,000,000

Fee: £999

Benefit: This whole product is extremely attractive.


Best HMO BTL Purchase Product

Rate: 3.14% 2 year fixed

LTV: 75%

Max Loan: £750,000

Fee: 2%

Benefit: Acceptable for HMO BTL’s.


Best LTD Company BTL Product

Rate: 3.99% 2 year fixed

LTV: 80%

Max Loan: £500,000

Fee: 2%

Benefit: Acceptable for Limited companies and 80% LTV.


Best Personal Name BTL Product

Rate: 2.95%

LTV: 75%

Max Loan: £750,000

Fee: £1,995

Benefit: Attractive rates.


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