The Enness Private Office process

The world of high net worth finance can be a complex one, especially if—like many of our clients—you are working across jurisdictions and time zones. Fortunately, the Enness Private Office brokers are experts in the world of large loans, so they can confidently guide you through the process of taking out a large mortgage.

What is the Enness Private Office process?

The first step in our process is always to carry out a thorough consultation with you, to ensure we have a complete understanding of your circumstances and expectations. This enables us to approach the lender who best matches your profile, increasing the likelihood of your application progressing quickly. For example, we know exactly which lenders are the best fit for foreign nationals, and which tend to offer the most favourable deals for self-employed clients.

The vast majority of our clients are best placed with a private or investment bank. Once we have an understanding of your requirements, we can then begin our research and look to set up a meeting with a bank. Generally speaking, private banks are looking to build long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with their clients, so it’s often important you meet with them at this initial stage. Your dedicated broker will attend this meeting with you, working as a point of liaison to ensure the best result.

If the bank is happy to proceed, your broker will then continue to discuss your case with the lender, negotiating on your behalf for the best possible deal. Your broker will then guide you through to completion of your mortgage and beyond, helping you to navigate any problems that may arise.

What is the lender’s process?

In terms of the lenders’ process, there are essentially three stages to the progression of the deal. Firstly, the bank has to write a credit paper, assessing your earnings, assets and future plans to discover if you would be a good fit for their preferred client profile—this is essentially the ‘numbers’ stage’. The bank will then carry out account opening and compliance checks. Finally, the property in question will be valued, and if everything goes as expected, an offer letter will then be issued.

How does the Enness Private Office team add value?

At every stage, the Enness Private Office team is working for you. We have a wealth of experience in securing large loans for a global client base of high net worth individuals, meaning we can offer a service built around precision, efficiency and bespoke solutions. Our wide network of lender contacts means we can introduce you to lenders with whom we already have fantastic relationships, putting you at a considerable advantage.

For clients with complex requirements or profiles, we have the market knowledge to place you with the correct lender, decreasing the likelihood of your application being rejected.

We can advise on the structure of your application; having spent the last decade helping clients to apply for finance means we have an unparalleled understanding of what lenders are looking for.

Of course, not all of our clients have complex profiles—some are simply looking to ensure their large mortgage application is handled with minimum fuss by expert brokers who can provide a smooth, professional and bespoke service.

Ongoing support from the Enness Group

We can also support you on an ongoing basis, whether that’s for further finance applications or to arrange the necessary protections for your mortgage.

Our dedicated high net worth insurance brokerage, Enness Global Insurance, can advise on everything from Universal Life Insurance to covering your high-value assets. Meanwhile, should you have other finance requirements—such as an International or Commercial mortgage—the Enness group encompasses dedicated teams who can assist you further.