Market thought-leaders launch the mortgage guide library

Enness  are happy to announce we have launched an online “how to” mortgage guide library on our website.

The content within it has been written with the intent of educating our clients and elusive website browsers about the ins and outs of the mortgage climate in the UK, most specifically London.

That means whether you’re seeking a million pound mortgage, want to use your bonus as leverage to buy a house or even dip your toe into the world of buy to let, there’s a guide for you… This library is a complimentary resource which is full of insightful analysis and thought-leading content that will ensure you are a step ahead and at the forefront of the market.

The mortgage library is organically growing and developing. That means we have quite a few exciting guides in the pipeline. Next on the list is our updated remortgaging guide.

Why we’re writing it…

We’re writing about “The Remortgaging Renaissance” because everybody knows that since the economic crisis borrowing has been very cheap as the economy tries to reinvigorate itself. However, now that recovery seems to be on the not-so-far-away horizon it’s an idea to examine your financial outgoings so that you can best plan for the next few years.

The combination of rumours of looming base rate rises and the waging fixed rate mortgage war means now is a rewarding time to explore your remortgaging options and to see whether they present long-term net savings. However, there’s a lot of confusing, media-hyped literature on the topic – for which reason we thought we’d lay out our views on the topic in this guide for you, our clients – old and new.

Shifts in mortgage prices and products coincide with interest rate rises and with a higher interest rate and changing circumstances renewing your current mortgage may no longer be the best solution for you.

We’ve seen an influx of enquiries for remortgages of late and expect remortgaging to become a main branch of our business over the next year. This appetite for remortgaging will become reflected in the marketplace at large when the impending base rate rise becomes more certain.

Thinking ahead may be advantageous as industry opinion maintains that today’s mortgage rates are unlikely to be beaten and higher rates are soon likely to start emerging.

So, stay posted for the launch of the guide… And let us know if you have any content suggestions for the future! We’re all ears…

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