Introducing Enness Bridging Finance

Enness Private Clients has been involved in the bridging finance market ever since it was founded in 2008, and it’s a sector we have always enjoyed. Complex, fast-paced and pressured, it is an area of the market where negotiation, creativity and trust remain as central to success as it is to our philosophy.

As a result, we are very excited to introduce Enness Bridging Finance, the new bridging finance arm of the Enness brand. We have become extremely well networked and skilled in this market, with the assets of our wider business profile adding real value. So we are proud to finally reveal a place to showcase these skills, increase our marketing and offer our services to users and introducers alike.

Bridging finance is a far-cry from the market it once was, when the like of Tiuta controlled and dominated the space. Now – aided by the outstanding efforts of market setters such as LendInvest, Dragonfly and Precise – bridging finance has become more accessible and accepted than ever before, moving away from the encroach of regulation it was once suffocated by.

Enness completed one of its first bridging deals just a year after it was founded, which was a £5m bridge for an infamous character (this extended to £10m the year after). It had been in the market for some time and was known to practically ever lender, so the scenario was as contentious as you can imagine. Yet, after a difficult and pressured stretch, we secured funding via a specialist lender. We wouldn’t have got there without the great persistence of every party involved.

In hindsight, we have this first deal (and another soon after) to thank for allowing us to survive the 2008 recession and grow to where we are today.

There is no denying that bridging finance can be a distorted and complex market, which requires skill and specialism to navigate successfully and achieve the best solution for a client’s situation. Our lender panel will never be restricted or biased by special deals or relationships. We will always be delighted to work with lenders, introducers and partners at every level.

We know that bridging finance doesn’t have to be 1% per month. Many of our private banks will lend in situations at 2% over base, some secondary and challenger banks will lend at standard retail terms dependent on the position, not to mention hedge funds, private lenders and the growing peer to peer lender.

Enness Bridging Finance offers complete market access with the experience of the whole Enness group to call on, to ensure every case is beneficial to the client’s needs. Visit the new site here for more:


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