Enness Commercial Finance Broker: a one-stop shop

In our experience, clients requiring the services of a commercial finance broker typically have complex requirements. Your commercial financial requirements will always be unique to you—and it can feel frustrating and time-wasting to have to present yourself and your background over and over again to different lenders, to gain access to all of the services you need as a commercial investor or business owner.

Fortunately, as Enness Commercial has grown, we have developed the ability to arrange all types of commercial finance facilities. This means you can explain your situation and background to one broker in depth, who can then build a relationship with you moving forward.

We can confidently arrange the financing of your commercial property assets. But whatever you need after this point to make your business a success, we can assist with. Indeed, if you’re a commercial property investor, it’s very likely you’ll need other types of commercial finance support.

What other services might you need?

Invoice Financing allows you to access the money tied up in your business’ outstanding invoices. This can be very helpful for those who regularly have outstanding invoices which they do not expect to be paid for some time.

Asset Finance can be used to help you purchase the necessary equipment for expanding your business; for example, to expand to new premises or buy new technology.

Cash Flow Lending is another helpful form of business finance, in which the bank will fund a loan based on expected cash flow that the borrowing company or individual plans to achieve. In short, the loan is secured by the income that a company is expected to receive.

Unsecured business loans can be a valuable source of funding for your business. Many business owners are unaware they can arrange these; in fact, we can organise these very quickly, and have done so.

International commercial finance broker

We can obtain mortgages for commercial property in a number of international locations. As an international commercial finance broker, we can also assist with international trade facilities. Such facilities plug the gap when you are waiting for capital to change hands, which can be a long-winded process when working internationally.

Development and Bridging

Many clients who need the services of a commercial finance broker are heavily involved not just in commercial property investment, but also property development. We can assist with any area of development finance, from site purchase to refurbishment, and refinancing on completion. For your short-term funding needs, we also have a dedicated bridging department. Our staff pride themselves on their problem-solving, creative attitudes, allowing them to find solutions for clients with the most unusual of situations.

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