5 best bridging finance products (UK)

Over the years, Enness Global Mortgages have secured bridging finance for plenty of clients looking for short-term loans. With this in mind, we’ve put together a few of our favourite bridging finance products, specifically for those looking to secure property finance in the UK. Whether you’re looking for large loans, commercial focused loans, or loans specific to foreign nationals, we can cater to you. take a look below and get in contact today.


Best large short term funding product

5% p.a. interest rate

Up to 9 month term

Loans over £5m

Limited tranche available

Benefit: The cheapest rate for a larger bridging loan requirements. However it wont be available for long…


Best non status bridging loan product

9% p.a. interest rate

Up to 2 year term

Loans from £250k to £5m

All assets considered

Benefit: No credit scoring or income details required. Good old fashioned ‘self-certified’ product which is VERY quick to arrange for clients worldwide.


Best short – mid term commercial loan product

8.99% p.a. interest rate

Up to 3 year term

No penalties after 3 months

Interest can be rolled up

Benefit: Great for assets that can’t get a regular commercial term loan immediately. The 2 year terms means you have plenty of time to do those works, change planning, find a tenant etc without being stuck with a crippling interest rate that needs to be serviced.


Best foreign national short term facility product

7.2% interest rate

18 month term

Interest doesn’t need to be serviced

No need for the borrower to meet with the lender

Benefit: Great for borrowers across the globe (apart from formally sanctioned nations) and can be used across the UK as well.


Best land bridging facility product

From 0.75% pcm interest

1 month to 2 year terms available

Up to 70% loan to value

No early repayment fees

Benefit:  The land can be anywhere in the UK. Borrowing can be own name or corporate (onshore and off shore). Ideal for funding pending sale, amending planning or pending development finance being arranged.


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