delay mortgage rate cuts for customers by up to two months. The country’s biggest lender, RBS, failed to set a date for passing on the rates, saying it was keeping the situation under review. There are a number of banks including Barclays, Coventry BS, Lloyds, Nationwide and NatWest who have confirmed a 0.25% cut to their SVR products from 1 September. However, for bridging finance it is a different picture, with hardly any lenders passing this saving onto customers. While this exciting market continues to grow (the size of the regulated sector stands at £4bn), it is difficult to see why customers aren’t receiving the benefits. One reason for this may be the limited number of lenders most people have access to. Trying to arrange bridging finance through one’s bank is virtually impossible these days. Some brokers may have access to a limited panel of lenders but you will usually pay an extortionate amount for the loan and they may not be able to deal with complex cases. This is where Enness Bridging Finance sets itself apart. As a specialist broker dedicated to the bridging sector we have access to over 200 lenders. Any funds available to intermediaries we can acquire on our client’s behalf. Couple this with an expert team who work vigorously to find a solution and it’s easy to see why we are the preferred bridging specialist in London. ]]>