Can a non-UK resident or foreign national get a mortgage in the UK?

Can a non-UK resident or foreign national get a mortgage in the UK?

Yes. In 2018, Enness arranged mortgages in the UK for 71 different nationalities. We are the leading broker for non-resident and foreign national mortgages in the UK.

Working with over 300 global lenders. we can arrange mortgages for individuals with any tax residency, place of birth, country of residence or domicile.


Which nationalities are able to get a mortgage in the UK?

We work with a huge variety of lenders who will offer mortgages to practically all nationalities. Everything is agreed on a case-by-case basis and based on your circumstances.


Do I need a UK visa to get a mortgage in the UK?

No, you do not specifically require a UK passport or visa to achieve a mortgage in the UK, although we will have greater lender availability if you do.


What will I need to get a mortgage in the UK?

We will need to prove your identity, place of residence, income and assets. We understand that these documents can take different forms and may need to be translated or viewed in line with local customs and laws.

At Enness, we will work with you and your advisers to create an application which guarantees you the best terms for your mortgages, whether that be a property for you to live in, let out or for any other purpose.

We can usually confirm that we can help – and show you what non-resident mortgage solutions are available to you – before we ask that you send us any paperwork.


How important is my personal income and how do I prove it?

Showing income is very important – the higher the better, as this is what lenders will use to assess whether the loan is affordable.

We will work with you to show your income in the best possible way so that you achieve the best mortgage possible. Typically, you will need to show payslips and bank statements, but this will vary from lender to lender.

If you have complex income structures, receive income from multiple sources, countries or in different currencies, we will work with you to present this in the best possible way, perhaps using references or your accountants.

In some circumstances, we can arrange mortgages in the UK without detailed evidence of income. This may be in the form of a prepaid arrangement, assets under management or other structures.


Can self-employed non-UK nationals get mortgages in the UK?

If you’re self-employed, mortgage lenders will, again, need to see evidence of income. What’s important here is that the accountant you use is an internationally recognised one – this will provide the lender with assurance regarding your income.

Working with  a local accountant means that you don’t need to produce accounts. If your accounts are in a language other than English, then your Enness broker will be required to work harder for you, but this is part of our excellent service.



Plenty of great lenders are available to work with non-UK residents and foreign nationals, whether or not you live in the UK.

There is a general misconception about how difficult it is for foreign nationals to get a mortgage in the UK. There is, in fact, a huge availability, great lending terms and a multitude of lenders who will offer mortgages here for non-UK residents or citizens.

Naturally, it will be more difficult and time-consuming due to paperwork and other complexities, but this is something we are more than happy to do for our clients.

As the UK’s leading broker for foreign national mortgages, we have over a decade of experience at the top of the market, arranging mortgages in the UK for people from all over the world.



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