What are the top 5 reasons Middle Eastern clients buy in the UK?


We regularly arrange property finance for Middle Eastern clients, who are drawn to buy in the UK for many reasons. As part of our series of articles celebrating the launch of our new Dubai office, we’ve researched the top 5 reasons Middle Eastern clients buy in the UK.

1. Safe haven

Regardless of recent political uncertainty surrounding Brexit, the UK has long been considered a safe place to invest in property. Foreign investors feel the UK property market is a safe haven and are keen to purchase both commercial and residential properties.

2. Global business centre

The UK is an ideal business base. London has a reputation as an economic powerhouse, attracting businesspeople from all over the world to work in its thriving metropolis. Excellent facilities, a range of airports, and a favourable time zone makes the UK an ideal location from which to run a global business.  9am in London is 5pm in Hong Kong, whilst UK based businesses can catch those in the USA near the end of their working day.

3. Educational opportunities

We regularly assist Middle Eastern clients with purchasing homes for their children to live in whilst studying abroad. Many of our clients decide to buy in the UK because their children are keen to enjoy the world class educational facilities on offer.

4. Prestigious postcodes

London offers some of the most prestigious postcodes in Europe. Areas such as Knightsbridge and Chelsea are world-famous, offering a central location and fantastic access to restaurants and leisure facilities.

Whatever your preferred style of property is, London and the UK has something to offer. If you want a new-build luxury apartment—such as our property of the month, One Tower Bridge—there is an abundance of options. Alternatively, the UK’s cities boast many attractive older properties.

For those who want to escape the city, prime English countryside offers an environment unlike anything available in the Middle East. Middle Eastern clients, used to soaring temperatures and dramatic desert landscapes, can enjoy the contrast of verdant countryside by purchasing rural estates.

5. Cosmopolitan culture & lifestyle

For Middle Eastern clients looking to fill their spare hours, the UK has a raft of entertainment and leisure options. London has existed for nearly 2000 years, and has the history and cosmopolitan culture to reflect this heritage. The UK boasts thousands of museums, galleries, theatres and restaurants. The UK’s excellent transport links mean it can also be used as a base to enjoy the history, fashion and culture of nearby Paris and Europe beyond.

If you are a Middle Eastern client looking to buy in the UK – or an expat based in the GCC – we have opened a new office in Dubai to assist you.