Michael Frimpong: Broker of the month

October’s broker of the month is a widely respected figure within the company, Michael Frimpong. A senior mortgage broker in the Enness Mortgages team, Michael is often one of the first faces in the office, and can always be relied upon to share his thorough knowledge of the mortgage market. He’s also the author of our most-read article of all time: Can a non-UK resident get a mortgage? and has recently entered the daunting world of fatherhood.

What led you to become a broker?

I worked as an insurance broker before, which involves a similar skillset—but it’s an inevitable part of insurance that people aren’t usually very excited to take out an insurance policy! In contrast, helping clients to arrange a mortgage enables them to fulfil their property dreams. I therefore decided to take the plunge and move over to broking mortgages. This was a really helpful grounding, as I now feel I have a well-rounded background.

What do you think is your key strength as a broker?

I truly enjoy building trust and creating a strong rapport with my clients, as this enables me to make them fully aware of all of the options. I’m also very thorough and precise.

You’ve recently become a Dad—how are you balancing work and new fatherhood? We’re impressed to notice you’re still usually one of the first in the office!

Not very well! It takes lots of planning. Until you become a parent, it’s impossible to imagine how much a child needs from you. At work, one of my skills is my ability to methodically deal with problems. Unfortunately, babies don’t respond so well to my logical approach! But I’m loving every single moment.

Apart from fatherhood, have you been working on anything interesting recently?

I recently assisted an old client of mine in the UK with his stunning sea-view property in Cannes, in the South of France. This was my first transaction with an overseas bank on an overseas property, so it was interesting to see how things are done slightly differently! I managed to secure him a 100% mortgage with just over £2million as assets under management, which was an excellent result.

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