Can I keep my UK home whilst buying abroad?

In 2016, Migration Watch UK reported there are around 1.2 million British nationals ‘living in another EU country’, according to figures released by the United Nations. With figures like this in Europe alone, there are understandably many advantages to being an expatriate – especially an expatriate (or expat) who works abroad with a multinational company. Healthy incomes, a new culture, and tax free travel are all part of the expat package.

How can Enness help these 1.2 million expats in Europe?

With Brexit dust still settling, many are keen to wait and see if the market plays ball. This is especially true for UK expats who wish to purchase abroad, but who are fearful of how Brexit impact on their opportunities to return to the UK.

What many of our clients may not realise, is that Enness can broker mortgages that would allow them to purchase property in their host country whilst also maintaining their UK home.

Discounted 3.24% Interest Only product allows expats to maintain UK home when buying abroad

Enness work very closely with a lender who offer a bespoke product angled to help expats looking to maintain their UK home whilst also being homeowners abroad. The loan provides a more cost effective method to purchasing abroad and building a strong international portfolio, as opposed to the expense and hassle of renting in your host country.

I sourced this lender as they took a more holistic approach to my client’s circumstances, looking at his overall income and asset profile.

With all considered, the lender offered this product on the basis below;

  • Interest Only Mortgage
  • Rate of 3.24%
  • 24% discount from the Standard Variable Rate (SVR)
  • Fixed rate options also available
  • 7-year term

If you are interested in this product, or have any questions for our expert brokers about the market, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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