Jimmy Baillie: Broker of the Month


September’s broker of the month is Senior Associate Jimmy Baillie. Jimmy’s international background makes him a valuable asset in the Enness Private Office team. Originally hailing from South Africa, Jimmy lived in the US before moving to London in 2013.

When you first came to London, you worked in a multi-family office as a relationship manager.  What did this entail?

This role included managing assets for clients through various offshore trust companies. I learnt a great deal about wealth management in this role, as the family office encompassed a range of services.

How did you get into broking?

To be honest, I became a broker by accident. The family office had an excellent client base, and there were numerous complex lending queries coming through the door. The family office traditionally referred these leads onto other firms.

I saw an opportunity, and after completing the necessary qualifications, I ended up arranging the finance myself. Due to the nature of the clients, I was immediately dealing with very complex loans, and structuring the deals with banks in several countries across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

This was a thorough education, as I raised finance for everything from residential and commercial finance to development and bridging loans.

What type of deal do you enjoy working on the most?

Many of my deals are extremely complicated and some can take up to a year to complete. I enjoy the challenge of these cases, but it can also be a relief to work on cases I can resolve quickly.

What’s the most interesting case you’ve ever worked on?

I’ve worked on a UK property portfolio for a Gulf-based royal family, which was a fascinating case.

If you could buy a property anywhere in the world, where would it be?

My dream property would be a sprawling ranch in Aspen, Colorado. I think of Aspen as my second home.