Equity release: 6 reasons to release equity from your home

Property is likely to be a person’s largest investment, tying up a huge amount of liquidity. Equity release can be a great way of freeing up this cash for further investment, or even to improve and increase the value of the existing asset.

Interest rates are at an historic low so now is a better time than ever to consider your options and remortgage onto a lower rate, whilst also freeing up equity to assist with cash flow.

Here are our top 6 reasons to release equity:

  1. To improve your home and, in turn, increase its value; the property market is experiencing several uncertainties at the moment, and the cost of moving is high, so equity release to carry out renovations or extend your existing property can make the most financial sense.
  2. Helping your children, or grandchildren, onto the property ladder; it’s widely reported how challenging it is for first time buyers to enter the market, so releasing some equity from a family home can be a huge help when it comes to gathering a deposit and securing a child’s future in the property market.
  3. Releasing equity to consolidate debt; having all your liquidity tied up in one single asset may not make financial sense when you have outstanding debts which could be paid off.
  4. Investment into a buy to let; equity release can fund the purchase of a further property for investment purposes, which you can draw an income from, a viable move to make.
  5. You can use equity to pay off a tax bill.
  6. Business investment; whether it’s to set up on your own, or grow an existing business, releasing equity from your property can be an excellent way to boost your venture.

Our brokers are experts in assisting clients release equity from their assets, so if you’re thinking of increasing your liquidity, get in touch with us and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

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