When is the best time to sell my home?

‘When is the best time to sell my home?’ The obvious answer is to sell at the top of the market, however in practise, this is almost impossible to know and can come with many other factors to consider.

The most popular time to sell a property tends to have always been in mid-spring or Early-Autumn where the appetite for buying is traditionally at its largest, while August and Christmas have proven the quietest time on the market. A lot of experts will agree that particular times of year can prove more fruitful, however this is not always the case, with activity on the national and local markets also playing a large role in when to put your house up for sale.

Going by a 13-week average from offer-acceptance to completion, generally speaking, you’re best to market your property in the Spring with the better weather providing a good opportunity to showcase your home with a blooming garden and blue skies. Equally, families with children will usually want to move into a new property before the children return to school in the Autumn.

For smaller properties and buyers without children, the above rule still applies but the range is slightly larger. A lot of buyers will go into a New Year with a ‘fresh start’ mentality and plans to start looking earlier and move in over the summer, or after the summer to be in before Christmas.

Of course, since the Brexit result of the EU Referendum, uncertainty in the market has also caused many homeowners to become cautious with buying and selling until a more structured outlook of the UK markets has become clear.

As widely reported in the press, demand for housing continues to outstrip supply. That, coupled with historically low mortgage interest rates, offers vendors a strong pool of willing and able buyer who will act when they see the right property. For those pondering selling their property, our message would be to take advantage of a vibrant market.