What we do

We specialise in procuring terms for clients with complex financial requirements for high net worth mortgages. The more money one has, the more complicated it seems to get, and various changes to government policy in recent years has made proving you can afford a large loan all the more challenging.

You can no longer self-certify your ability to service a loan and affordability criteria has become more stringent. As such, a lot of lenders may be put off by clients who don’t have a ‘vanilla’ income structure. For example, being self-employed, above a certain age with only rental income, or wishing to use bonus income as security can be obstacles our clients have encountered before approaching us at Enness.

This is why it is now imperative to instruct a whole of market mortgage broker who can look after your property financing requirements, regardless of what they are. Enness has access to over 250 lenders both in the UK and abroad and, as such, manages to succeed where other brokers have failed.

It is rare for our high net worth client pool to have simply one asset – they may have a buy to let investment property in London and a holiday home in Marbella, for example. Having a broker who can assist with the financing of these assets, be they residential or commercial, development or international investment, is extremely valuable.

Enness doesn’t only have excellent relationships with lenders, we also pride ourselves on being able to refer our clients to specialist partners to help with every part of the mortgage process – including tax, legal and foreign exchange.

Whatever your property financing requirements, we have a specialist team in place dedicated to finding the best and most efficient solution.



Islay Robinson, a founder of Enness, is widely regarded as one of the UK’s leading mortgage brokers. He has been instrumental in delivering some of the most complex and high value mortgages in the UK.

Islay Robinson

Group CEO

Knowing exactly who to approach among the vast number of lenders we work with is crucial to finding fast solutions and the right fit for our clients.

Hugh Wade-Jones

Group MD