High Value Mortgages for High Risk Nationalities

Over the last decade, lenders have become increasingly strict in their policies, which can make it very challenging to arrange high value mortgages for high risk nationalities.

This is problematic for many Enness Private Office clients – many of whom come from countries deemed ‘high risk’. We work with a huge network of global businesspeople, who live and work all over the world. London and the United Kingdom are considered essential investment spots for many foreign national investors; we are very experienced in arranging high value mortgages for foreign nationals, and understand their needs as clients.

Many of our clients do not meet the traditional criteria for a large loan, simply because of their nationality. However, we understand that such clients play a huge role in stimulating the global economy, and so we have always striven to try and find solutions where other brokers fail.


We have been able to source finance facilities for clients from around the world, including locations such as Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Russia. We are also able to secure large loans for clients who, though not typically considered ‘high risk’, come from countries that lenders will generally refuse to lend to. For example, many banks will not lend to Australian, Turkish and Saudi Arabian nationals, but we have a proven track record of arranging high value mortgages for all three.

We also have experience in discussing solutions for Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)s, so we have the structures in place to deal with complex applications. We are confident in our ability to work alongside family offices to process an application, as we understand many of our clients prefer to work in this way.  We can work with clients who require confidentiality. We work with the utmost discretion, and are sensitive to the privacy requirements of many of our global clients.

We also have contacts in a range of international banks, meaning we have access to many options when sourcing high value mortgages for high risk nationalities.

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