Releasing Equity from High Value Properties

Many of our ultra-high net worth clients approach us for advice on how to capital raise against their high value assets.

Particularly in today’s prime London property market, where investments aren’t making the returns they once were, clients wish to discuss ways in which they can maximise on their asset. Something we do often for clients is capital raising to release cash for investment elsewhere.


Interest rates are currently very low, so it’s important for clients to ensure the mortgage they hold is the best one for their circumstances. Remortgaging to raise capital for alternative investments can be the ideal way to make your asset work better for you.

Freeing up equity from your property could enable you to make alternative, more lucrative investments, such as property in higher yielding locations, or shares and bonds, for example.

Many of our clients wish to capital raise in order to improve on the properties they own already, increasing their value and also its suitability over a longer-term period. For example, capital raising can be an effective technique for those looking to expand their home to accommodate a growing family, rather than trying to sell in the uncertain market.


We’re seeing a huge amount of liquidity from the lenders we work with – not to mention a reduction in required assets under management – so the appetite to lend is clear.

While many people might think the wise option is to hold on to their investment and wait until the market conditions improve, there are certainly other opportunities worth exploring.

Our brokers are experienced in assisting clients maximising on their high value assets, and advising on how to improve their portfolios. Whether you’re looking to capital raise to make alternative investments, or invest further in your existing assets, our brokers would be delighted to discuss your circumstances.

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